Writer, Director, Producer, Michael Anthony Forney was born and raised in Youngstown Ohio. He grew up in the Plaza View apartments located on the city's east side. He’s the Founder and CEO of Michael Anthony Productions, which focuses on entertainment, arts, theater, film, television and literacy.

Because of his love for reading, Forney, created Hot Topix Book Club in 2006 which packed out bookstores throughout the Midwest region.  Various best-selling authors such as Eric Jerome Dickey and Hill Harper along with special guests Shirley Strawberry, John Miller and former boxing featherweight champion Kelly Pavlik have been featured for many topics of conversations. Eventually the book conversations led him to writing skits for his book club to highlight certain topics within the discussions. This ultimately propelled the creation of Michael Anthony Productions in 2012.This branded him as a prolific storyteller who became locally and regionally known for his unpredictable storytelling, incredible twists, and serious directing style.


Since 2012 Michael Anthony Productions produced over 14 shows theatrically all successfully written, produced and directed by Michael Anthony. In 2015 after noticing a demand in film and television productions Mr. Anthony adapted numerous materials from his stories in the theater division for the screen along with several other projects that peaked his storytelling interests. Finally, in 2018 after producing various film trailers to market his stage plays and movie concepts Michael Anthony added Film and Television projects to his vision of producing original movies.  

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